Bursting businesses of Brunswick

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BRUNSWICK, OHIO- Here in Brunswick, there seems to be a revolving door for any businesses that come to our bustling Center Rd. One comes in, another goes out, or one goes out and the abandoned building stands tall with the daily reminder of a failed career opportunity for our town. But when asked, the students of BHS had quite a few suggestions to help.

“We need to get rid of one of the million pizza places,” chorused junior Katarina Maras and senior Nautica Gatten.

This is a fair complaint considering there are about 15 pizza shops in Brunswick, eight of those alone are on Center Rd. Of course, this does give a great variety to all the pizza lovers out there.

Another thought is all the businesses that we do not have and have to drive out of our way to. When asked about the second Kentucky Fried Chicken taking place of Sonic, many students suggested new restaurants instead.

“We already have a KFC around the corner. I want something different like Swensons or Chick-fil-a,” stated senior Mary Gill.

Of course, Brunswick is not all bad. There are still plenty of places that the students here love to visit in their free time.

“My favorite place to go to is Chipotle because I love the food,” said sophomore Brian Klesch.

“I like the go to the rec center because there’s so many things to do there like work out, run, and swim,” added junior Kortney Feckley.

Many other students agreed with Klesch and Feckley, but other strong contenders included Paninis and Panera.

Brunswick has so many businesses in such a small space, which can be great for accessibility, but not so great when someone can go to two places across the street from each other and get the exact same thing. Students love exploring the town for their next meal, but they could use some change instead of being stuck with the same old thing.