Say Yes to the Dress (Prom Edition)!

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Say Yes to the Dress (Prom Edition)!

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BRUNSWICK, OH– It is that time of the year again! High school seniors are out looking for the perfect prom dress for their last celebration before graduation. The big question is: What is in style? We have all of your answers to help you find a prom dress meant for you.

Popular styles for 2019 are a classic ball gown look, two-piece dresses, floral, lace, and even glitter designs to give shoppers a wide range of options. Simplicity, being a staple of prom, seems to run far and wide this year. If a prom-goer decides they want their dress to be timeless, most girls decide on a style by Sherri Hill designers

Henri’s Cloud Nine store in Minerva, Ohio explains, “Sherri Hill prom dresses are characterized by beautiful beadwork, trendy two-piece styles, and floral print prom dresses that are an absolute must-have for any prom girl!”

However, the price does run high with the best of the best designers. Many students would rather turn local than spend a large amount of money on a dress that they will only wear once.

Senior Maria Antonius states, “My dress will most likely be homemade. There is a lady in Brunswick who made my mom’s wedding dress, and I we have talked about having my dress made by her for years. I am excited about it because it will be so unique.”

Two-piece dresses continue to be on the list of top trends. Although, many girls say how difficult a two-piece prom dress is simply because it is a specific style that not many feel comfortable wearing. The style will definitely turn heads if you are able to find the two-piece that best fits you. Two-piece dresses and floral prints are commonly made out of the brocade fabric. This is a shiny embossed fabric that is one of the newest trends. Many agree that brocade dresses will be unlike any other and a stylish yet uncommon design fabric of 2019.

French Novelty comments, “Brocade prom dresses are perfect for the fashion forward girl who could care less about the ‘fashion rules.”’

Glitter is making a big comeback this year that is embedded in the fabric of ball gowns. It is a great way to give your dress the sparkle it needs to light up the room. Many runways and designers are implementing the glitter fabric on ball gowns to combine classy with unique.

The Dress Studio explains, “The sparkly glitter fabric is a gorgeous way for you to stand out and make a statement at your prom! It is a different way to have the glitz without having any beading on your dress!”

The last common trend is the most timeless being the satin ballgown. Also known as “Simply Elegant,” this style is for prom-goers who do not want tons of beading and sparkle. This is a universal option that can fit any body type. The style works to keep itself popular with elegant additions. The change in necklines and open backs give the trend the top spot every year by reinventing itself.

Senior Erika Eyssen explains, “I am looking for a dress that is simple and elegant. I want my dress to represent me with my favorite color pink and maybe some sparkles. I do not want anything with a ton of designs or patterns.”

While many would agree that simple is best, be sure to go with a dress that screams you! Prom dress admiring would not be as fun if everyone wears the same style, so be sure to start your search early in order to find a dress that is meant for you!