How the government shutdown has affected our National Parks

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BRUNSWICK, OH-It’s no secret that the government shutdown has had some negative effects. Between government workers not getting paid to an engaged couple being denied a marriage license due to the D.C. Superior court being shut down, the government shutdown has affected the entire population. While people are more focused on unpaid government workers and not being able to file their tax returns, our national parks are also being affected by this shutdown.

Since the workers of the National parks are government workers, they are unable to come into work and take care of our parks. Unattended parks are being vandalized and misused. While most parks are gated off, people are still able to find a way to into them. Trash bins are also overflowing since people are not there daily to empty them out. Once the bins are overflowed, people begin to leave trash everywhere.

Sledding is also a huge part of the national park system. Sledding hills everywhere are filled to the brim of unattended sleds which makes it almost impossible to sled down the hills safety.  

Elayna Raleigh, senior at Brunswick High school and environmental activist says “I think the best solution is to end the government shutdown. Don’t make things about politics when they don’t have to be, the national parks didn’t have anything to do with Donald Trump yet their workers aren’t getting paid and it risks the environment. If that doesn’t happen, when people visit the parks they should be more respectful of the area. They shouldn’t litter and abuse the beauty that they’re able to see up close and personal.”

Until the government does reopen, volunteers all over the country are venturing into the parks and are picking up trash and clearing up the vandalization.