Kevin Durant opens The Durant Center

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BRUNSWICK, OH – In Suitland, Maryland, The Durant Center has opened its doors on January 23rd. Golden State Warriors forward Kevin Durant partnered with College Track. For kids in the area; the center allows young students to create a plan to get into and graduate college, as well as find a career. College Track is an organization that empowers students in the minority to graduate college, and be successful after earning their degree. After donating $10 million dollars to be used over the next decade to get the center up and running, Chief Executive Officer Elissa Salas and Kevin Durant help to work with the youth in the Suitland area.

While Durant was searching to “widen his philanthropic portfolio” as the Washington Post puts it, he met College Track. College Track gives students a 10-year plan to ensure graduating college with a degree. He decided he wanted to bring something like this organization to his community. In February of last year, when Durant pledged the $10 million dollars, their partnership began and so did construction. Construction began in Prince George’s County, located in the state of Maryland, almost a year ago. The Durant Center will be College Track’s first facility on the East Coast.

This also won’t be the first thing Durant has done for this area in the community. Not only is Durant a nine-time All Star player, he has done many helpful things such as opening basketball courts and parks throughout the United States. This time he partnered with a program that would help him out as well as the kids. The Washington Post quoted Salas about her position on why Durant planned on partnering with College Track and the whole project, she states:

“…he was looking to really invest really deeply in his home community.”

The Durant Center has now welcomed 69 people into its inaugural class.  With the support of Durant and the College Track program, a new era is beginning for the children of Suitland that they can appreciate for a lifetime.

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