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BRUNSWICK OH – The Bachelor has been one of the most popular reality tv shows for years. The show first aired in March 2002, having it been on tv for 17 years now, it’s becime extremely popular. The famous saying, Chris Harrison, states at the beginning of every season.

“It’s about to be the most dramatic season, yet!” Harrison hesitates to say it for Colton Underwood’s season.

“If you say it’s dramatic people are like, oh that means drama and villains and tears, and yes there will be that, but the emotional kind of journey you go through with Colton this season and the stories that come out between the women, between Colton, it’s a lot deeper than we usually get. I’ll just say that,” Harrison states in an exclusive interview with E! News.

Caught in the season promo, a clip of the bachelor, Colton Underwood, is seen where he is hopping over a fence. This left people on the edge of their seats, trying to figure out what is going to happen later on in this season of The Bachelor.

“I was gone for a while. In that moment, and the feelings I was feeling, I left the show,” Underwood reveals to ET’s Lauren Zima, confirming that the famous fence jump was the beginning of his time to himself.

“In the moment I was gone, there was no bachelor,” Underwood says. Fans are on the edge of their seats to see why he needed to do this. Underwood wouldn’t reveal any more information about why he did this. While this season looks emotional and full of drama, many people are very excited about Underwood being The Bachelor.

“Colton is going to be such a good bachelor because he isn’t like the other bachelors, he’s different. I like that they’re mixing it up this season.” Junior Kayla Stacho comments on. Colton is different, he’s the perfect fit for the season and everyone is excited for this journey with him. With this season, you can tell that there is going to be drama with not only Colton but between the girls.

“Catherine definitely stirred up the most drama because she kept interrupting the other girls when they were talking to Colton. It was rubbing the other girls wrong and everyone was getting extremely irritated,” Stacho states. Catherine might not see the end of this journey with Colton, Colton is way too sweet to be with Catherine.

“I want him to propose to Cassie because they have a good vibe and the way he looks at her is already the cutest thing ever,” Senior Natalie Pryatel says. Cassie is a top pick for the bachelor currently. Most people are team Cassie and I couldn’t agree more. Cassie is such a sweetheart, her and Colton would be perfect together. Cassie tends to stay out of the drama and focus on what’s important: Colton.

“I think there’s going to be some drama with the two pageant girls soon because they already have some bad blood and history,” Senior Rachel Dicenzi states.

Caelynn and Hannah B. had this immediate tension when seeing each other. Caelynn was named Miss North Carolina 2018 while Hannah B. was named Miss Alabama 2018. They met during the pageants and now they’re dating the same guy.

With all the drama that has been shown this season so far, there have also been some crazy entrances. Alex D. definitely took the crown for the weirdest limo entrance. Alex D, from Boston Massachusetts, arrived in a sloth costume and greeted Colton slowly. While this was strange enough, it gets even worse. She stayed in character the whole night and can even be seen hanging from a tree during a part of the first episode.

While this was just from the first episode, we can expect to see more craziness and drama in upcoming episodes. Will you get the final rose?

The Bachelor premieres on ABC every Monday at 8 P.M.