The great trans-ition

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BRUNSWICK, OH- The government and the population have debated on which bathroom transgenders should use for years. Some states have even created laws that prohibits transgenders from using the restroom they identify with and force them to use the restroom they were assigned at birth. Creating a law or bill that forces someone to use a specific restroom is discriminative and insensitive.

In most cases it hard to distinguish transgenders from the rest of the population. If a man has fully transitioned into a woman, they are going to look exactly like a woman. If she follows her state law that forces her to walk into the men’s restroom, there is going to be some confusion. Imagine you’re in the men’s restroom minding your own business and a woman walks in. You are going to be very confused and very uncomfortable. She obviously doesn’t belong in the men’s restroom.

The idea is the same for women transitioning into a man. If a transgender man walks into the women’s restroom, he is most likely going to get into trouble. If I was in the women’s restroom and I saw a man walk in, I would be terrified and worried about my safety. He obviously has no business being in the women’s restroom.

The debate resurfaced when a twitter video went viral. The video was taken by a 16-year-old trans-women. The video shows the teen sitting in the women’s bathroom stall while three members of the school’s administration force the stall door open, leaving the teen exposed. The video was taken at Osseo Senior High in Minnesota. The teen posted it and asked people to share her story in hopes that it will help others in her situation.

When the principle of Osseo Senior High was asked about the situation he replied with “I sincerely wish I could say more, but for data privacy reasons, I cannot provide details about a situation involving a specific student.” No action has since been taken against the school’s administration.

Whether or not you believe the girl was in the correct restroom it is clear that the administration’s force used on the teen was unjustifiable. In any situation, violating and exposing a minor in that matter is lawfully and morally incorrect.