The superhero of all superheroes: Stan Lee

Stan Lee at the Spiderman Homecoming Premiere.


Stan Lee at the Spiderman Homecoming Premiere.

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BRUNSWICK, OH, Stan Lee, the man who is the creative force behind many of Marvel’s superheroes, passed away on November 12th at the age of 95. He died of cardiac arrest with respiratory failure and congestive heart failure as underlying causes. It also was indicated that he suffered from “aspiration pneumonia.”

Back before Marvel Studios was a thing, Lee invented almost the entire Marvel universe that now dominates comics and cinema in a four year period at what was called Timely Comics. The company took in the young 17-year-old and later found that he’d help the company become something much bigger and better; Marvel Comics.

Lee was the creative force behind “Silver Age – the co-creator of beloved characters like Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four, Hulk, Thor, and the X-Men”, according to Marvel Studios.

He was an executive and chairman of Marvel Comics and now leaves behind the Marvel Empire to the future generations to love and cherish the stories that he allowed to come alive.

Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios, tweeted that “no one has had more of an impact on my career and everything we do at Marvel Studios than Stan Lee. Stan leaves an extraordinary legacy that will outlive us all.”

Stan Lee, like the superheroes that he worked so closely on, had powers that could help save anyone that needed hope in their life. He was a superhero in his own way.

Stan “The Man” Lee, as some would call him, has many 57 cameos in the Marvel Universe. The first was in “The Trial of the Incredible Hulk” back in 1989 and his most recent in “Venom.”

Stan Lee will make his last appearance in Avengers 4, coming out in May 2019. He may be gone, but he will never be forgotten. His legacy continues today and forever will leave a mark on the hearts of comic book nerds across the world.

In the words of the iconic Stan Lee, “With great power comes great responsibility.”