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BRUNSWICK, OH, Fall is always a great time to head to the movie theatre and check out the newest releases. This year is no exception, with new movies raking in the big bucks all season long. A few movies though, have surpassed the competition and are stealing the hearts of viewers everywhere.

A Star is Born (R) : Anyone who is a fan of Lady Gaga will want to see this movie. And anyone that enjoys crying their eyes out will also want to see this movie. This version is a remake upon a remake, but it still holds its own ground. A Star is Born centers around aspiring singer, Ally (Lady Gaga), who is discovered by a musician named Jack (Bradley Cooper) and the two start a journey into the fame and fortune of the music industry. Of course, that is always easier said than done, so there are many internal struggles and heartbreaks along the way. But there are also plenty of soulful songs to help viewers through the movie, and weeks later when they are still singing them nonstop. The movie has been dancing between #1 and #2 on box office ratings since it came out on October 5th and it does not seem to be moving anytime soon.

The Hate U Give (PG-13): Another book to movie adaptation has hit the screens this month with Angie Thomas’s “The Hate U Give”. The movie takes a deep look into the racial struggles in society today, all through the eyes of a young teenage girl that seems to be caught in the middle of it. Starr Carter (Amandla Stenberg), is one of the only african american students at the rich prep school that she attends. Her roots still remain in her poor, black, neighborhood, which is where she witnesses the shooting of a black male teenager by a police officer. Now, Starr is forced to decide what is the right thing to do as she feels both of her worlds colliding. Unfortunately, this movie does not portray a fictional event, as these type of things seem to be happening more and more, but The Hate U Give, irons out the issue in a new and fresh way that can teach all the viewers something about equality.

Venom (PG-13): Marvel studios is back in action with yet another movie. Although, who knows if many people can handle watching it after the traumatizing experience of Avengers Infinity War. Venom has been titled as a kind of anti-hero movie since the main character might not be using all his powers for good. A persistent journalist, Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy), is trying to bring down what he believes is an evil company known as the Life Foundation. Unfortunately, for Eddie, he is in the wrong place at the wrong time and his body merges with an alien substance known as Venom. Now, Eddie is taken over by this poisoning alter-ego that may be doing more harm than good. Or maybe, this creature is actually helping Eddie more than he knows. Either way, the movie is quite popular with the stamp of gold from it being created by Marvel.

Halloween (R) : Halloween may be coming to a close, but this new spun classic can be scary any time of the year. Michael Myers (Nick Castle) is still alive and well…not mentally, but in all other aspects he is spry and ready to kill. Nearly four decades after her first encounter with the notorious killer, Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) must face Myers in one final showdown after he not so surprisingly escapes from a mental institution. Will Myers finally seek the vengeance he has been after for so long? Or will Laurie be able to make one more narrow escape and let all of this come to an end. All these questions will be answered in the chilling horror film that is a perfect way to finish out October with one last scare.