Jeffree Star’s new “Alien” palette

Jeffree Star with his new palette

Jeffree Star with his new palette

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BRUNSWICK, OH- Jeffree Star has taken the beauty world by storm once again with the release of his new “Alien” palette. On October 31st 2018, Star took to YouTube to preview his fifth eyeshadow product to date. The holiday collection this year features the new 18 shade palette, “Alien”, 8 velour liquid lipsticks, 4 lip ammunitions, and 4 new velour lip scrubs. The “Alien” palette is vegan and cruelty free. The palette features the same formula as the infamous “Blood Sugar” palette which is extremely pigmented. “Alien” is Star’s fourth eyeshadow palette. Prior to this, Star has launched the “Beauty Killer” palette, “Androgyny”, the “Blood Sugar”, and the “Thirsty” palette- all of which were all bought by fans in high demand.

The holiday collection will be available on November 9th. The Alien palette is mostly cool-toned, but features neon greens, yellows, and purples with different bright metallics. The palette name comes from a story Star told in the video describing the first time he shaved off his eyebrows while being raised in his grandparents home.

“My grandpa looked at me and said ‘Now you’re my little alien.’” said Star.

Jeffree has discovered himself through makeup and the industry of making his own empire of makeup products. He has built himself up from nothing to become one of the top beauty sellers in the makeup world. Be sure to set your alarms on November 9th to order the new “Alien” palette along with the other items in this year’s holiday collection!