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It’s a Concrete Jungle

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It’s a Concrete Jungle




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BRUNSWICK, OH- Yet another incident of an animal killing their captor has occurred. This time, the mauling took place at a zoo in Japan where a zookeeper was found bleeding from the neck in a white tiger’s cage.

“It’s extremely regrettable to lose staff in this way,” Akinori Ishido, the director of the zoo, told the New York Times.

Even with the horrid attack on the zookeeper, who was rushed to the hospital, but died of a broken neck, the family begged that the white tiger not be punished for this act.

This once again brings up the point that wild animals belong free and not behind glass doors. As it has become a well known fact, animals showing wild tendencies and lashing out at patrons is becoming more and more common. In July a report surfaced that between 2014-2017, 164 animals had died at the Dublin zoo. Not only that, but a large amount of those animals were part of an endangered species.

“Zoos like ours are fundamentally important to ensure the survival of some of the world’s most endangered species,” a spokesperson for the Dublin zoo stated about the incident.

This is far from the only case of something like this happening. Just at the beginning of October, a zoo in the UK had a mass malaria outbreak among their penguins. Their solution? Use fake model penguins in the exhibit to make up for the loss.

Zoos are becoming highly dangerous to crippling species and humans that get too close. These examples are just the most recent ones to date, but not the only.

“Animals do not thrive in zoos, and time and time again these losses are proof that we should be focusing on protecting animals in their natural environments – not in enclosures built for humans’ entertainment,” urged a a representative of the National Animal Rights Association to Irish Mirror about the recent deaths.

Hopefully in the near future we can find a happy medium for the animals and those wanting to respectfully observe them.

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It’s a Concrete Jungle