Mental Health

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BRUNSWICK, OH-Stressed out? Brunswick High School will be holding a program throughout the day called Mental Health for the whole year to help students deal with stress. Ms. Spittle being the founder of this program who has plenty experience and has several topics to cover.

Mental health is a huge topic that is talked about so frequently, especially in schools.  In her first year here at Brunswick, Ms. Spittle has plans to bring a ton of awareness about mental health. With two degrees in school counseling and experience in private counseling Ms. Spittle just knows what to talk about to students when it comes to stress and managing your daily tasks.

Brunswick is one of the first school districts to put mental health in schools and she is taking full advantage.

She states “Brunswick is very collaborative, I work with all the staff members, principals, teachers, counselors, nurses.”

Her overall purpose is to help every student be successful as she can relate to some students as she’s been through it herself as a student, she says “I’ve dealt with depression and I had such a good relationship with my counselor I wanted to give back and be there for students in need.”

Every month has a new topic such as the ones coming up like depression, mindfulness, goal setting, and much more. The special thing about this program is that the tips and information students receive just don’t only apply to school but it applies to everyday life, from extracurricular activities such as sports and clubs to jobs and responsibilities we have at home.  

Ms. Spittle plans for the future as she wants students to have a new perspective on mental health, she wants to educate students and give them the right information so they are able to apply it to their every life. She also has ideas to spread the word more efficiently, social media will play a big role in spreading the awareness such as twitter as students can follow her for updates and news about the mental health program. Not only social media but through Brunswick high school verbally as she would want students to talk about her program.