Student Spotlight: Angela Demchuk

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Brunswick, OH, Everyone knows of at least one student that will contribute and greatly help the community that they are in. Brunswick High School junior Angela Demchuk is one those students. She is a successful academic student, currently taking three advanced placement (AP) classes:  AP stats, AP psych and lastly AP chem. Demchuk raved about one of her favorite classes, AP stats.

LOVE IT! I used stats in a research project over the summer,” said Demchuk.

That is not the only class she likes. She also enjoys AP chem and a myriad of other subjects and interests. For instance, Demchuk also loves auditioning for the camerata orchestra.

“I also love it. I’ve been a violinist for 6 years,” said Demchuk.

Demchuk is a student athlete as well, which is an impressive feat considering the other classes that she is taking. She is on the Brunswick Cross Country Team and she also runs ultra marathons when she can.

I love being on a team and encouraging my peers to run and I love challenging myself and doing what I think I can’t do.” said Demchuk.

What she is best known for however is probably the work that she does to help with American Sign Language (ASL) at our school. She cares about this community so much because she is partially deaf and is a part of the deaf community.

“I am fluent in ASL and most of my friends outside of school are deaf and hard of hearing,” said Demchuk

Her love of American Sign Language has also carried into action. She helped set up an ASL class here at Brunswick High School and wants the program here to succeed.

“I encouraged the school to establish the class, and I helped them find the materials to use. I really love that the school has a program and I definitely want it to succeed. More importantly, I want the students to be involved with the deaf community and realize that the language is more than the class,” said Demchuk.

Demchuk is a student that is motivated and passionate about what she believes in and she also has the ability to translate those abilities into actions that will have a lasting impact on those around her.

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