The second annual AP pep assembly

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BRUNSWICK, OH – The annual Brunswick High School AP pep rally was held October 5th 2018. During the AP pep rally, AP students and teachers were recognized for their hard work and accomplishments. This event is hosted in the gym where ninth and tenth grader attendance is mandatory and all other students are welcomed to join. AP students are required to wear their t-shirts, designed by AP language arts teacher Mrs. Raglow, and sit on the gym floor in chairs designated for them. Certain AP students are given recognition for their scores and achievements on different AP tests. AP teachers are announced and acknowledged for what they teach and awards are given at this time as well.

Awards such as “Rookie AP teacher of the year” and “AP teacher of the year” are given at this assembly. For Rookie AP teacher of the year, AP psychology teacher Mrs. Newlands was awarded this honor.

Mrs. Newlands comments on receiving the award by saying, “It was such an emotional thing for me as that first year of AP Psychology was very challenging for me on so many levels.”

Mrs. Newlands also mentioned that she achieved this goal by seeking help from her other colleagues and working hard in and outside the classroom. Mr. Wardeska was awarded AP teacher of 2017-2018 at Brunswick High School. He received this award for his role as the AP music theory teacher as well as being the high school band director.

Mr. Wardeska comments on the AP program and how students strive to achieve their goals in AP classes by saying, “We as teachers should set the example of striving daily for producing our best efforts, and I believe each of us can then expect our students to do the same.”

The AP pep rally is a great way to show spirit and pride in school academics. AP classes are often challenging but create a superb work ethic in students. Advice was given by Mrs. Newlands to guide other AP teachers and students, she says:

“Establish an atmosphere that students can feel comfortable to ask questions and to challenge themselves without judgement.”

AP classes are encouraged for all students that are able to take them as they push students to reach full potential. Consider taking an AP class next year!

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