Netflix’s ‘To All The Boys I Loved Before’ is taking over social Media

Cover of the novel

Cover of the novel "To all the boys I've loved before"

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BRUNSWICK, OHIO- The Netflix Original movie that started off as a book from a series has completely blown up on social media. To All The Boys I Loved Before was originally written by Jenny Han, a New York Times bestselling author.

Junior, Gina Ciacchi has heard of the books but has not read them yet. “The movie really motivates me to read the book. I always hear that books are normally better than the movie.”

Although the books came out first, most teenagers heard of it first from the movie that has completely taken over social media.

Junior, Sommer Gombar loves the movie, “It might be cheesy but I just love the storyline of it.”

The movie is about a teenage girl named Lara Jean who wrote love letters to all of her secret crushes. She addressed the letters but never sent them, she kept them in a blue box. At the beginning of the movie, Lara Jean has a crush on her older sister’s boyfriend, Josh. Her sister leaves for college in Scotland and before leaving, she breaks up with Josh. Lara Jean had no intention of ever sending these letters, she kept them just for herself. Lara Jean’s little sister, Kathryn, gets ahold of the box and decides to send all the letters. As Lara Jean and her best friend are running around the track for PE class, Peter Kavinsky approaches her. At this time, Peter is dating Lara Jean’s ex-best friend Jenn. Peter gets Lara Jean’s attention and tells her about the letter and says it’s never going to happen, at the same time she sees Josh, her sister Margot’s ex boyfriend, with his letter. She faints immediately. Soon after that, Peter and Jenn break up. Peter and Lara Jean then make a pact that they’d fake date to make Peter’s ex, Jenn, jealous and to distract Josh from the letter Lara Jean wrote him. They ended up falling in love through them fake dating.

Sophomore, Addy Winar can relate to the characters of this movie. “I related to the way that the characters were not initially looking for real love but it came their way unexpectedly. My boyfriend and I began to catch feelings for each other when we both least expected it and were not searching for love.”

You always hear the saying, “Stop looking for love, it’ll find you,” or you hear “Love will find you when you’re least expecting it.” I think this is something every high school student needs to hear. Students need to stop wasting their time looking for love and just focus on school and their futures. Love will come soon enough, don’t rush it.

At the beginning of the summer, The Kissing Booth, another Netflix original movie, was the movie that was blowing up on social media. The two movies are somewhat similar, some teenagers have mixed feelings about the two movies. More lean towards The Kissing Booth, while others lean more towards To All The Boys I Loved Before.

“I prefer To All The Boys I Loved Before over The Kissing Booth. Honestly, I find Peter way more attractive and I enjoyed the storyline way better than The Kissing Booth. I thought that the way they had Lara Jeans little sister send the love letters was very clever,” added Ciacchi.

Everyone’s newest obsession is Noah Centineo, also known as Peter Kavinsky. Peter Kavinsky is the boy next door, the boy everyone wants to fall in love with. He’s silly, cute, sweet and very genuine. He’s the boy of every teenage girls dream.

“I do not believe that the way they portray Peter Kavinsky gives false hope. I believe in true love and the way Peter treats Lara Jean is very possible. We all just have to wait for our Peter Kavinsky and let him find us, not go searching for him,” Sophomore Winar exclaims.

Senior, Noelle Hager has some different opinions on the beloved Peter Kavinsky. “Everyone loves Peter but nobody talks about how poorly he treated Lara Jean for the first half of the movie. Obviously he had a huge character development and changed completely by the end of the story; but it still frustrated me that he used her to get back with his ex, Jenn. However, I loved the whole dynamic between the two and how they were able to talk to one another about their absent parent figures. I also feel that them fake dating made it easier for the two to be more comfortable around one another to be able to carry it into a real relationship.”

There are tons of cute scenes in the movie, girls are starting to have higher expectations for boys.

“When Peter drove across town to get Lara Jeans favorite yogurt smoothie to have while they were on their way to the ski trip. That is so adorable that he drove out of his way, just to get something he knew would make her happy,” Ciacchi admits.

Rumors are starting that Noah Centineo, Peter Kavinsky, and Lana Condor, Lara Jean, are dating in real life. They seem very close and everyone assumes they are dating.

“I personally think they are and if not, they did a fantastic job. They were great actors that seemed to be in love in real life. The chemistry felt so real,” Winar adds. According to People Magazine, Centineo comes out and breaks the silence about the dating rumors. He confirms he is single.

Some boys are starting to get the hint that girls want a Peter Kavinsky, more boys are starting take scrunchies off girls wrist and putting the hand in the back pocket and spinning them around. Even homecoming proposals are starting to relate to All The Boys I Loved Before. Will you go and watch the new movie and jump on the hype of Peter Kavinsky and this unusual love story?