Blue devil boys compete for ultimate title

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BRUNSWICK, OH – Mr. Blue Devil is a talent show put on by LINK crew, in which the best and bravest boys of Brunswick High School can participate. It’s a series of three rounds where a group of boys get on stage to show off their special talent to the entire school and compete for the ultimate title of being Mr. Blue Devil.

The first round of the competition is where the contestants show off their amazing skills. The judges base their voting off of their preparation, skill, and stage presence. They also take the audience’s reactions to their talents and how they react to the performer.

Senior Jamal Delk said, “I decided to participate in Mr. Blue Devil because I’ve always enjoyed the concept of performing and hope to make a career out of this one day, so I might as well start somewhere. I hope to gain even more confidence and build a better stage presence so I can further develop my craft in the future.”

The second round of the competition is where the remaining boys dance their hearts out with the help of their escorts to the songs of their choice. This is where it can get a little crazy, with contestants attempting and executing difficult moves to impress the audience.

It’s always cool to see a student that you once had in class to get up and perform something as unique and talented as the things you see in the show,” said LINK Advisor and coordinator of the event, Mrs. Salvatore.

The third and final round is a questionnaire presented by the judges. Each contestant is given one question and then has to answer the question as truthful as possible. The judges base their scores on character, thoughtfulness, and content. This is where the remaining contestants can either make it or break it.

The Mr. Blue Devil show allows for a group of boys to compete in a friendly competition where they can step out of their comfort zones for a night and share their talents with the entire school. Being crowned Mr. Blue Devil isn’t just the only reward of the night. The winner receives an all exclusive pass, which gets you into any sporting event for free. If the winner is a senior, they receive a free prom ticket. So the question is: who will be this year’s Mr. Blue Devil?

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