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Problematic Youtuber

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Youtube star, Logan Paul on his trip to Japan                                                                                                       Photo credit: Twitter

Ah, the daily vlogger. People just like you and me who casually make money sharing their everyday lives with the internet. But what happens when the privacy boundary is overstepped? For Youtube famous, Logan Paul, the definition of privacy has become slightly hazed with dollar signs. That is exactly what went wrong when Paul traveled halfway across the world and disrespected an entire culture.

Something commonly found among all Youtubers is clickbait. Although it is deceiving this is how people make money off their content. However, when your clickbait is titled “We found a dead body in the Japanese suicide forest” you may be crossing the line. The strategy certainly did work though because the whole vlog really did stir up all the attention Paul wanted. It just probably wasn’t the type of reaction he predicted. The internet and pretty much all news outlets exploded in outrage.

The forest, Aokigahara, is well known to Japanese officials and measures have been taken. According to the Asia Pacific, suicides taking place in the forest have decreased from 100 to 30 a year. However, due to the popularity of Logan Paul’s video, officials are worried the numbers may increase again.  

So how exactly did one trip to Japan cause Paul to be hated worldwide? Some say that he went into that forest knowing that he would see a dead body. Whether he was in search of it or not, he found a man who hung himself in the forest. Instead of turning off the camera as soon as this body was discovered, he continued vlogging and making jokes. This is problematic because after editing and watching this vlog, he still decided to post it. This is not only disrespectful to the man himself, but also the family and Japan as a whole.

By January 1, only one day after the video was posted, it gained 6 million views. It was then that Logan Paul deleted the video from his Youtube channel that has over 15 million subscribers. The next day he released roughly a 2-minute video where he apologizes and says “I don’t expect people to forgive me.”

Shortly after more videos of Paul’s trip were released. Many of them included more disrespected to the Japanese culture. One of the videos even included Logan Paul throwing a Pokeball at a police officer.

It is hard when the whole world is watching every mistake you make but Paul will now face the consequences of his actions. It will be interesting to see what Youtube does next to limiting the types of content that are released or even Logan Paul’s channel being taken down. It is important to remember that everything you post on the internet leaves behind a footprint.




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