Varsity Volleyball Vocalizes Their Values

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Varsity Volleyball Vocalizes Their Values

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BRUNSWICK, OHIO – Recently, the Star-Spangled Banner has been circulating the media frequently. Several NFL teams and players in other leagues have recently been kneeling down to protest the injustices and inequalities across the country during the performance of the national anthem. The protest has caused a wide range of feelings and emotion all over the United States. One argument the individuals who support the protests make is the fact the players are not disrespecting those who serve our country in the military, they are using their rights that the soldiers fight for. They also argue that just as Rosa Parks was not protesting public transportation, they are protesting for racial inequalities and not the country’s soldiers. Others feel kneeling is showing complete disrespect and ignorance, regardless of what the reason is.

The national anthem is played before all sports games, events, and almost every small and major event across the country. The song is one that everyone knows, and shows pride in. Individuals are supposed to stand, place their right hand over their heart, and remove all hats, if applicable. While the national anthem is something that is causing controversy in the large media attention, it has caused an emotional spark at home, too.

Brunswick girls varsity volleyball faced Medina on Tuesday, September 25th at home. The game was about to start as it usually does, with the national anthem. However, when the disk was inserted into the sound system, nothing happened. The gym was suddenly in silence. With fear running over several people’s faces, the volleyball team stepped up to the task. They lead the entire gym in singing the national anthem, from high note to low note.

The national anthem always pumps me up before games, it’s just one of those things, and I was thinking to myself that we had to hear the anthem before the game…as a team we all love to sing so we thought it would be cool to start singing it and everyone joined in and it was an awesome experience,” says varsity player, Peyton Futchko.

The crowd quickly joined in after they started, and everyone felt a sense of pride towards their school and their country. While everyone may have a different opinion on the protests and the song, the entire school, community, and opposing community came together, united as one, to sing something important to many players and individuals.

“To stand in that gym and hear that no matter what people believe, that it was important enough to sing in that moment and not just blow it off, even to teenagers, it totally gave me this renewed hope for the future,” says volleyball game manager and teacher, Christen Marcu.

All of the players are aware of the current protests going on around the country regarding the national anthem, yet they stepped up to sing it regardless. Several players similarly felt that no matter what is happening around the country, here at Brunswick high school the team supports our country and those who fight to protect it.

“I hope people realize that it is not just another song, it’s something that is really important to us. The national anthem should mean something to them, it should not be something they can kneel down and sit through, they should really take in the song when it is performed,” says varsity player, Maire Bosko.

After the crowd and players created a unified atmosphere, the girls varsity team took on Medina for a high-competition game. They took the win at home for their game, after losing to Medina on the road a couple games back. The girls played with tons of passion to bring home the exciting win.

“I hope others take away the realization that no one is too young to make a change, our teammates are 14-18 years old, so if we can do it then anyone else definitely can. Others should be inspired and be willing to encourage change after all that is currently happening in the news,” says varsity player, Anna Krizsa.

The varsity volleyball plays at 6:00 on October 24th, head over to Strongsville to cheer them on!

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