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Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty

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BRUNSWICK, OH- Singer, designer, movie star, and now she adds makeup brand owner to the list. At midnight on September 8th Rihanna released her own makeup line called Fenty Beauty. In Rihanna’s makeup line she sells a face primer, a matte skin stick in twenty shades, a shimmer skin stick in ten shades, freestyle highlighters in six shades, five different makeup brushes, a makeup sponge, blotting powder, blotting paper, the gloss bomb lip gloss and of course forty shades of foundation for all types of skin tones.

Rihanna looked stunning in yellow at the release party as she demonstrates how she uses her makeup products. The main attraction of Rihanna’s makeup line is the idea of an all inclusive foundation range. She said she wanted something that girls and guys of all skin tones could enjoy. The issue of a small foundation color range has been an issue in the makeup business for quite some time now. Most makeup brands only have around twenty foundation shades and very few of them are dark enough for African Americans. With Fenty Beauty’s range of forty shades almost everyone can enjoy Rihanna’s new line. Of course there are still many people that don’t fit in the color range and Rihanna plans on creating more foundations for an even larger color range.

Leah Baloun, senior at Brunswick High School, gave into the peer pressure and purchased the Fenty foundation. She states “I’ve been needing a new foundation since I have been using samples all summer and I thought why not get the Fenty one.” She also said it was very easy to find her color since there was such a huge selection.

Baloun also said, “She created a variety that allows all shades of caucasians and African Americans people can enjoy.”

Mackenzie Fioritto, a freshman at Brunswick High School, purchased the gloss bomb lip gloss. She explains, “I needed a new lip product and it looked really pretty and I plan on purchasing one of the highlighter duos.”

Fioritto also said “I like the variety of foundation shades but I think there could be more dark colors because compared to light colors there’s not a lot.”

Whether you think that the foundations have a great color range or think that Rihanna should include more colors for African Americans, this definitely won’t be the last you hear of Fenty Beauty.

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Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty