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Age and Dating

Photo Credit: Harper's Bazar
Jennifer Lopez and Drake one of the most recent couple with a large age difference

Photo Credit: Harper's Bazar Jennifer Lopez and Drake one of the most recent couple with a large age difference

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BRUNSWICK, OHIO- In Hollywood, surprising new couples seem to be revealed every day. One of the biggest shock factors that grab people’s attention is the surprisingly large age difference between some of these couples.

From only a few years to twenty plus years, there is no limit to the age gap to some of Hollywood’s most popular couples. Some of the most well-known couples in the industry have big age difference;  Beyonce and Jay-Z have a twelve year age difference, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have an eleven year gap and Donald and Melania Trump have a twenty-four year difference. One of the most recent couples to make news was Jennifer Lopez and Drake with seventeen years between them. However, this relationship was short lived and only lasted for just over a month.

While large age gap couples are popular in Hollywood everyday society couples with large gaps are frowned upon. Whenever someone sees an older man with a younger woman or vice versa, judgments are automatically made, most of them negative.

Of course one of the reasons that these relationships are judged is all of the problems that come with dating someone who is much older or younger than you.

“While there are always exceptions to rules, a good rule to remember is that dating someone more than 10 years older will present challenges now or later that add to the pre-existing challenges any relationship has,” says psychologist Seth Meyers, Ph.D.

With large age gaps, the two people in the relationship are at different stages of their lives and that can cause many problems in their relationship. While one person may want to settle down, the other may not be ready for that kind of commitment. The work and financial situation of the two people could be completely different as well. While one is just entering the workforce, the other could have already had their steady job for years and be financially stable.

In Hollywood however, many problems that couples face do not apply to them. The financial issues that couples face do not affect these celebrity couples.

Most likely both people already have a well established career that is earning them a good amount of money, thus eliminating the issue of being at different places in their careers. Both people have already established their life in Hollywood and are serious about their careers. The two people are similar in that aspect, which could prevent some of the challenges other couples face. However, Hollywood couples are not immune to problems.

“I think Hollywood couples have similar problems to normal couples but they’re just amplified because a Hollywood couple is in the spotlight and has to deal with a lot more people sharing their opinions on their relationship,” said Brunswick High School senior Maggie Collins.

The main issue that these couples face is being under a microscope of the public. They have to struggle with the public watching the relationship very closely, and making opinions. So why do people choose someone much older or younger than them? Growing up we tend to hear that girls mature much faster than boys.

According to an article published on Psychology Today  “Scientists at Newcastle University in the UK have discovered that girls tend to optimize brain connections earlier than boys. The researchers conclude that this may explain why females generally mature faster in certain cognitive and emotional areas than males during childhood and adolescence.”

This could possible lead women to choose men who are older than them because their brains will be at a similar maturity level compared to men their own age.

For some people, age may not play that big of a role in choosing a partner.

Collins said, “I don’t think many people go out into the dating world with the mindset of wanting to find someone older or younger than them. I think most people just fall for someone based on things like their personality and interests, not their age.”

All and all dating someone much older and younger than you has many challenges, but can also be beneficial. People may not go into the dating world looking for a relationship with a large age gap, but they may find the relationship unexpectedly, and it may be the best situation for them. For others, the relationship may crash and burn. One thing many people can agree on is that the most important thing is to be happy, no matter who you are with.

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