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Do Not Turn Into Another Victim

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BRUNSWICK, OH- Alianna Defreeze. Reagan Tokes. Michelle Knight. Amanda Berry. Gina DeJesus. Brock Turner’s victim. Jaycee Dugard. Amy Mihaljevic. Adam Walsh. JonBenet Ramsey. Elizabeth Smart.

These are the names of someone’s daughter, sister, son, brother, cousin, soulmate. People who have been swallowed whole, chewed, and spit out by those who decided their mission would be to ruin something that was not theirs to begin with. In the year of 2015, there were an estimated 90,185 reported rapes, although rape is the most underreported crime in America, and 15,696 murders. Crime in the United States has been increasing in the past two years, particularly violent crimes. Every 98 seconds, an American is sexually assaulted.

While these statistics are alarming, they are unfortunately a part of what makes reality so terrifying. The fact that we have to teach our children, as well as our peers, the many tips on how not to be a victim of a violent crime while simultaneously giving rapists three-month sentences can be a hard pill to swallow. Since the day that we could speak, our parents have choked out the words that told us what to do if anyone ever put us in danger. As if they were reading from a checklist, we have been told to scream, bite, kick, and do whatever we can to get as far away from the “bad guy,” as possible. Many of us hear these instructions as “just another lecture,” or even as a “routine,”. Many of us think that those things will never happen to us. That our names will never turn into the headlines we read splashed all over the front page of newspapers. We never think that our faces will never be painted on posters titled “MISSING,” plastered on every wall for thousands of eyes to see.

Even though all of the odds may be against us, there will always be hope. Although you have heard it all before, here are some useful tips to keep in mind:

  • Something that suspects look for is clothing that can easily be removed and can be done in a fast manner.
  • Often times victims are attacked when on their phone, searching through a purse/bag, or are generally distracted.
  • Usual places where attacks occur: parking lots, parking garages, & public restrooms.
  • It is essential that if you are attacked you fight back with everything in you. A suspect will more than likely walk away if they realize you will give them a hard time.
  • Your elbow is the strongest part of your body, use it!
  • If someone touches you, hold on to their first two fingers and bend them back while putting as much pressure down on them as possible.
  • If someone asks for your purse or wallet, throw it away from you and run. It is more than likely that they are more interested in the object than you.
  • Another thing that suspects look for in a victim is a hairstyle that is up, whether that be in a bun, braid, or any hairstyle that can be easily grabbed.
  • If you are ever in the trunk of a vehicle make sure to kick out the tail lights and wave your arms out. This lets people know you are there and they have the opportunity to call the police.

This world can be a scary place and although you may have heard these tips a million times, make sure to keep them in the back of your head. It could happen to you as much as it could have happened to all of the victims before you. Always remember to stay safe and think before you put yourself in harm’s way. Prevent yourself from turning into another headline as well as preventing your family from going through the pain of reading it every single day.

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Do Not Turn Into Another Victim