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Styling Spirit Week

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BRUNSWICK, OH- The week before a school dance can be full of anticipation. Getting a dress, asking a date, making before and after plans; it is all very exciting, but also very stressful. One way to take away some of that stress is to participate in spirit week. The week of the big dance, students can dress up for themed days to have fun and get excited for Saturday’s dance. With Winter Formal right around the corner on February 25th, decisions about this spirit week are already being made. However, students in charge of deciding the themes are running into problems with getting the most fun days past Brunswick High School’s administration.

High schools in the area have the same sort of traditions, but they work much differently than at BHS. Grace Roman, a sophomore at Strongsville High School, claims that the students completely plan their spirit week, and their administration does not put any restrictions on them, other than following dress code. “The most popular day is pajama day for sure,” said Roman. It has been a tough battle between students and administration about pajama day at BHS, and seeing other schools enjoying the fun day does not help students.

Though it seems some schools have more freedom during spirit week, there are still many places in the area that have strict restrictions. Hannah Spittle, senior at Highland High School, says that there are pretty tight restrictions on what the students are allowed to do during spirit week. “We have a decent amount of restrictions, we aren’t allowed to hang up streamers and dress code is enforced” Spittle said. Because of this, the most popular day at Highland is class color day, and the students still go all out.

BHS Senior Paige Billetz was in charge of Winter Formal spirit week this year. She said that our administration was very nice about planning the spirit week for this dance, and they approved all the ideas that were put forward.

However, the themes most attractive to students, like pajama day and beach day, were left off the list because of being previously rejected by the administration. The disappointing thing about this decision is that these are the days that would get the most students involved, and bring about more school spirit and excitement for the dance.

Although it seems like the best spirit days always are blocked, there is still a lot of freedom at BHS. The battle for spirit week still continues, but some perspective from other high schools always helps students and staff alike see the situation more clearly, and act a little more creatively.

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Styling Spirit Week