No shame in resolutions

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BRUNSWICK OH- 2017 is here! Normally, social media would be flooded with “New Year, New Me” quotes. But this year, it seems people are not motivated to announce their resolutions. There are various reasons why this could be happening. Firstly, people could be embarrassed about wanting to make changes to their lives. Not many people want to announce that there maybe something they are doing that doesn’t quite hit societal standards. However, there is still room to believe that the majority of people still make resolutions and try to carry them throughout the year.  The more alarming idea is that people have just lost motivation to make resolutions because they believe there is no way they can complete them.  

Senior, Robbie Mchaffie, believes people struggle to upkeep their resolutions because, “A new month on the calendar doesn’t change the way people act.”

How can we avoid making goals we may not obtain? According to TODAY, some resolutions may be setting you up for failure. In order to succeed this year, there are certain steps you should follow. Do not make vague goals that cover too many topics. Instead, break each goal into tiny steps and explain how you plan to complete those steps.

Tyler Newcomer says “I think the New Year’s Resolutions that are successful are from people who believe in themselves and feel motivated to do more.”

Another big reason why people tend to give up quickly on their resolutions is because of temptation. However, if you allow yourself to be determined by the reward, temptation maybe easier to avoid than it seems.

“I am terrible at New Year’s Resolutions. I think a big part of the problem is social media and advertisements. There are so many temptations and the amount of social media used just multiplies it and makes it almost impossible to focus on your goals” says Sophomore, Erin Janowski.

Emily Cigan is hopeful about her New Year’s resolutions, “I want to workout and eat healthier. I’m trying my best to stay on track and my friends and family are always a great support system.”

Try to not make goals that have other factors, such as other people. These type of resolutions may not work because they are dependent on others actions, not your own. Cigan’s resolution in quick and to the point and doesn’t her to depend on anyone except herself. It’s not too specific or too vague. Additionally, she has a plan to accomplish that goal and has people who support it.

Ashley Geiss, sophomore at BHS, says “I kind of think New Year’s resolutions are a good thing to have in order to motivate yourself to do something you’ve always wanted to accomplish. I personally don’t have any resolutions but I do know people who do and it really helps them do better in life and achieve something.”

Realize that just because you may have slipped from a resolution does not mean you have entirely fell. A minor mistake should just help you recognize your own humanity and encourage you to work harder towards your goal. Learn from the experience and fix what went wrong. It could be a needing to rearrange your environment or support system. If the goal seems unreachable maybe you just need to reorganize the angle of the resolution.  Do not be ashamed of wanting to better yourself this year, there is nothing cliche about it.