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Brunswick Honorable Mention

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Brunswick Ohio- Megan Mulhan, senior at Brunswick High School recently received an honorable mention for her photography project for the Cleveland clinic. Her work is also getting published.  Her photography project was about the studies of trans metatarsal amputations to salvage foot function and maintain mobility following severe foot infections, particularly in people with diabetic foot complications.  Her goal is to raise awareness for these studies, and getting her photograph published was definitely a head start to that goal.

Mulhan said that “getting an honorable mention makes me feel very proud, and makes me feel like I did something good.  A girl even messaged me on facebook and congratulated me on my project and thanked me for doing my photograph on that topic because her mom had that procedure done, she also thanked me for raising more awareness to it.”  Her project has already had a positive impact on somebody.

Megan is a student in Digital Art and Design 1 with Mrs. Speiz and she would recommend for people to take the class.

“It is really great and fun, you get to learn about cameras and photoshop among many other design programs and it is really interesting to see other people’s ideas and pictures.  You also get to throw your own creativity into your projects and get to see how professional you can make things look and it is also a very easy A.”  

With that being said, this class would seem to be appeal to students who would want to expand themselves in something more creative and see if they become interested in the hobby of photography and the ways to design and edit those photos.

Mulhan also said that “something I would take away from getting an honorable mention is to pay more attention to different diseases, and this also taught me that getting the honorable mention proves that my love of photography shows through my work.”   

Seeing a student at Brunswick receive an honorable mention for a photography project is something that shows off how many talented and hardworking people are in the community.

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