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Showing Spirit During the Holiday Season

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BRUNSWICK, OH – With the end of the semester just a few days away, students are scrambling to study for many midterms or make up assignments. To ease some of the stress and make this stressful time a little more fun, student council created a “holiday spirit week.” This is a fun way for students to show holiday spirit right before winter break starts.

Holiday spirit week has been made up the past couple years for students to show how spirited they are during the holiday season. This year the first day, Monday was Christmas socks day. Students wore their favorite pair of christmas socks. BHS was flooded with red and green socks, or socks with fucky Christmas patterns. Tuesday was santa hat, or holiday hat day. Most students brought out their santa hats and wore them around school. This day was a leeway for students because the dress code prohibits wearing hats during school. Wednesday was red and green day which gave the students the opportunity to wear red and green clothes. Some students just wore holiday themed clothes and others wore just the red and green colors. Thursday was probably the most exciting day out of all because it was “ugly Christmas sweater day.” The ugly Christmas sweater trend has been seen the last few holiday seasons where people wear the “ugliest” and tackiest Christmas sweaters they can find. People like to throw ugly Christmas sweater parties which can turn into contests where the person with the ugliest sweater wins. This is a fun new Christmas trend so students adopted the idea to wear their ugly Christmas sweaters to school, without the contest.

“Out of all of the holiday spirit days, my favorite was definitely ugly Christmas sweater day. It is a fun way to show holiday spirit, and it is fun to see everyone else’s ugly sweaters around school,” said junior, Raine Lewis.

Overall holiday spirit week is a fun way for students to relieve at least some stress before midterm exams.

Sophomore Hannah Riffle said, “I look forward to holiday spirit week every year, last year was my first year and I look forward to participating in my next two years to follow.”

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Showing Spirit During the Holiday Season