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Beginning a future in the FBI

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BRUNSWICK, OH – Law enforcement is an ever important element of our society. Its purpose is to enforce the law and protect us from threats close to home and far away. While local police deal with local problems, the United States as a whole relies on multiple agencies to protect the nation. One, in particular, is the Federal Bureau of Investigation, better known as the FBI. The purpose of the FBI is to provide their services of protection and security, among others, to the nation. Although the requirements to be in the FBI include a 4 year degree, some professional experience opportunities are available for high school students.

Future Agents in Training (FAIT) is a program designed for high school students to experience the different aspects of the FBI. Held at the field offices around the country it opens students’ eyes to the possibility of being in the FBI. The Cleveland Field Office has offered this program for the past two years and will hold its third FAIT program in 2017. The Community Outreach Team, which is in charge of FAIT, has requirements before anyone interested can apply. (A link to the applicant page with the requirements is posted at the end of the article.)

The FAIT program is a four day event filled with opportunities to experience the FBI, first hand. The past two years have focused on a wide range of topics and events to showcase what the FBI has to offer. The program highlights different job positions that are available at the FBI, along with talks from agents about what their focus is at the FBI. In addition, the program shows different parts of the office to see what employees use everyday to help them do their job. Finally, students take the knowledge from these first two days of the program to become agents of their own. They investigate a fake crime scene created by the FBI at a location near the field office. The goal is to figure out who committed the crime and get an arrest warrant from a judge. After completing the 4 day program, graduates are invited to join an alumni association to continue their path towards the FBI.

Link to application: https://www.fbi.gov/file-repository/fbi-cleveland-2017-fait-application.pdf/view

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Beginning a future in the FBI