Dissolving the Two-Party System

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BRUNSWICK,OH-According to a survey by the Pew Research Center released in July 2016 “For the first time in surveys dating to 1992, majorities in both parties express not just unfavorable but very unfavorable views of the other party.”  And today, sizable shares of both Democrats and Republicans say the other party stirs feelings of not just frustration, but fear and anger.”

When I was five I watched my grandfather scream angrily at Fox News every single morning.  I would not understand what he was yelling about until I entered eleventh grade. My first day of government this year threw me through a loop. I felt embarrassed when my government teacher asked me to raise my hand if I agreed with a statement on a piece of paper. I noticed most of the time there were few people who raised their hand at the same time as me.  At the end of the assignment we were supposed to all have a pretty good idea of where we fell. As if one piece of paper and fifteen questions, were supposed to conclude all of my morals and beliefs. The next week we would be assigned a test. On the test we were asked to explain if we were liberal or conservative and why. I got a 14/15. Pretty good score. But I still asked myself the following questions.  

How can I be graded on my opinions? How can I be graded on experiences in which have caused me to feel a certain way about my life and the world around me? How could one person be wrong and the other right? I am in no means bashing my government teacher but making the statement that the two party system in America has our nation in a death grip.

The hostility during elections and even everyday life causes slow action to important problems. We should not be categorized into two separate groups of people. We are all Americans, born under the same flag. We should not be attacking each other based on our differences on how this country should be ran. Instead we should work together to understand why the other person thinks the way they do. Communication instead of shutting others out. Compromise instead of automatically assuming someone is wrong. Certainly some problems have only two resolutions, some have only one, but most have a range of possible solutions. The pressure of republicans beating democrats and vise versa is causing duality. The duality in debates leaves no room for rational thought process but only angry slurs. Nothing can be achieved like this and the data shows that American’s are sick of this process. Cobelenze, an attorney from Kentucky writes,“ 80 percent disapprove of Congress. That’s actually an improvement, last November 86 percent disapproved. Last year 71 percent disapproved of the way Republicans in Congress were doing their job, and 65 percent disapproved of the Democrats.”

American’s need a bigger variety of choices. Congress needs to repeal Uniform Congressional Districts Act of 1967 which eliminated the multi-seat districts. It is time to give the American people a meaningful choice in politics. No longer would you go into a voting booth and feel pressured to pick between two unworthy politicians. I believe it is time that we dissolve the two party system. The same system that James Madison and George Washington warned would destroy freedom of choice.  This will get us away from the idea that every issue is a deathmatch between left and right. If you are struggling between republican or democrat, don’t. Follow your beliefs and vote accordingly. You do not need to identify to a faction in order to vote. You do not need label your vote.