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Know Before You Vote

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BRUNSWICK,OH – Republican? Democrat? Trump? Clinton? No thank you! This seems to be the overall anthem across the United States as the 2016 Presidential Election trudges forward. The media plays such an essential role in this election and most people are taking advantage of that. Whether it’s emails or walls, the spotlight is showing no mercy to either candidate. The big lights, twitter arguments, and attacks sometimes lead us to forget that behind every presidential candidate stands two people who genuinely believe in their campaigns. With all the media coverage we lose sight of what these people are actually campaigning for.

Many people are so absorbed in the “savageness” of it all that they are unaware of what Mr.Trump and Mrs.Clinton’s platforms even are. Monday September 5th marked the beginning of fall campaigning in the swing state of Ohio. According to the Cleveland news website, Clinton is approaching Ohio head on. The Democratic Duo announced their arrival one week before meeting up with a large body of voters. Clinton plans on using Trump’s miscues to fuel her campaign in the swing state. Trump kept his Labor Day visit to Brook Park a secret until early monday morning. Agreeable, this was a smart politically move for team Trump by limiting the number of news reporters that could attend the event. So far the polls show a very close race in Ohio. Our state is one of the three most important states that presidential candidates focus on. Therefore, it is crucial to understand both candidates inside and out before stepping into the voting booth.

In a general population of moderates, the media has decided to focus on the right and left wing views of each candidate. However, both Trump and Clinton share ideas that do not necessarily agree with their political parties. According to ‘On The Issues’, Donald Trump agrees with the continuation of Affirmative Action and  the raise of state minimum wage.  Also Trump wishes to create knowledge and funding to mental health administrations due to the increasing amount of shootings in America. Affirmative Action, minimum wage and increasing federal spending for administrations are all liberal ideas. However, Donald Trump also shares many conservative ideas such as wanting to enforce strict border control and eliminate Obama Care entirely.

On The Issues, also concluded that Clinton agrees with the death penalty for criminals who are going to experience life sentences. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are both in agreement on the legalization of marijuana. Both candidates believe that we should keep a close eye on states who have already legalized marijuana and continue to research. However, both presidential candidates stand for medical usage of marijuana. Of course, Mrs.Clinton agrees with many liberal ideas including the support of Obama Care and the idea of free community college.

These are only a couple of the important but overlooked issues during this campaign. Before the media was around to encourage this, the founding fathers were in agreement that factions would destroy our country. Today we allow political parties to run every aspect of our government. During this election take time to examine each candidate closely; do your research. Side with the candidate that represents your personal values, not the parties interests.

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